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Family Hospital is a complete general hospital. This is first ever planned and fully equipped private Hospital in Lahore. The Hospital was established during the year 1976 and situated in the center of the city. Initially, we started with 30 beds and gradually increased the bed capacity up to 60. The hospital has all types of medical facilities to provide indoor as well as outdoor treatment round the clock. It has one male, one female general ward, one Obs & Gynae ward, semi private rooms private rooms deluxe rooms constant care ward, intensive care ward and nursery.
The Hospital is centrally air-conditioned. Sanitation/Hygienic conditions are maintained at a high standard and our sanitation staff is busy round the clock to keep the hospital clean. Thus providing environment to the patients, Lift facility has also been provided.
The hospital provides complete range of clinical laboratory facilities, X-Rays, E.C.G., C.T.G, and ultrasound. The operation theaters and Labor room staff is ready day and night to provide surgical and medical facilities to the patients.
The Hospital is providing indoor medical facilities to about four thousand five hundred patients and emergency as well as outdoor facilities to about eight thousand patients per year. The hospital staff is always busy in serving the patients with dedication and making their stay comfortable by providing a high standard of medical card.


Family Hospital is the oldest private Hospital in Lahore established by Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Malik in 1976. This hospital was the first ever planned and well equipped hospital in Lahore. Maintaining Hospital excellence for last 39-Years. This hospital is providing all types of medical, surgical and gynaecological facilities. It is 55-beded hospital with private, semi private, deluxe rooms and one female and male general ward. Hospital has well equipped ICU/CCU and nursery, obstetrical and Gynae ward. All rooms and wards are Air conditioned with well-maintained sanitation to provide healthy environment to patients.


Laboratory is well equipped headed by pathologist and trained staff extremely neat and clean with 24-hour services. It provides the facility of all sorts of the tests Haematology Analyzer, Blood Special Chemistry, Serum Electrolytes, and Micro Lab for routine chemistry.


Radiology Department headed by the radiologist and trained staff with 24-Hour Services includes the following facilities:

Digital X-Ray

Portable X-Ray


Color Doppler




Family hospital pharmacy is headed by qualified pharmacist and well trained staff with 24-hour services and providing high quality emergency and routine medicines.



Family Hospital consist of a well-equipped emergency ward including E.C.G., Ultrasound, Oxygen, Cardiac Monitor etc. and well trained medical officers, Nurses and other paramedical staff providing 24-Hours Emergency services to the patients.

Gynae Emergency/Ward:

24-Hours Gynae emergency services are available. The qualified and well trained Lady Doctors and trained nurses and paramedical staff with:

24-Hours Operation Theater facilities with Anaesthetist

24-Hours Gynaecologist services on call and consultation by WMO on mobile from the Gynaecologist

Cardiac Monitor



5-bedded ICU/CCU well equipped and look after by 24-hours well qualified Anaesthetist and trained medical officer and nurses and paramedical staff and on call services of the all specialties and consultation with the specialist on mobile by the medical officers.

Cardiac Monitors


All Other Necessary Equipments

OPD Services:

Almost all specialities are providing services in this hospital for example, Gynaecologist, General Surgeon, Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Nephrologists, Cardiologist, Eye Specialist, Neurologist, Urologist, Physiotherapist etc.


Operations Theater:

The operation theatres are well equipped and are kept in sterilize condition using carbonizing, fumigation, sterilization instruments and clothes. Looked after by trained and expert anaesthetist and providing 24-hour services with nurses, OTA’s and other paramedical staff. Our Operation rooms consists of:

General Anaesthesia Machines

OT Lights

Hydraulic OT Tables

Image intensifier

Cardiac Defibrillator

Eye Operating Microscope

Equipment of orthopedic surgery

Dialysis Services:

Two machines for kidney dialysis are available with 24-Hour services and looked after qualified and trained staff.


Private Rooms and Wards:

The private rooms/wards are very neat and clean with all basic necessities with air conditions with 24-hours emergency cover by medical officer and staff nurses.

Hospital provides complete range of clinical laboratory facilities, Digital X-ray, ECG, Echocardiography, Ultrasound and CTG.

Highly equipped and well maintained operation theatres and labor room. All the working staff doctors and paramedics and well qualified and highly skilled to provide best care to patients.
We have got almost all the facilities in medical field with well qualified consultants. In this part of the city, we are providing medical services to all humming regardless of race. Cost and status of this hospital to be a great medical service provider organization.

Family Hospital is a complete general hospital. This is first ever planned and fully equipped private Hospital in Lahore. The Hospital was established during the year 1976 and situated in the center of the city. 

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