The Heart Center

The Cardiology Department at Family Hospital offers a full spectrum of specialty services for patients with conditions that effect their heart and vessels. Our goal is to provide exceptional care for patients at risk or with established cardiovascular disease. We also aim to educate future leaders in cardiovascular medicines. 

New Advanced Rehabilitation center

The advance Rehabilitation Center provides specialty care for patients requiring long-term care for serious condition such as stroke or spinal cord injuries, which may severely affect mobility, speech or other bodily functions. The Center combines high-tech and high-touch to optimize the expertise of the multidisciplinary team. The holistic approach ensures care for the patient and support for family members to help patients through their recovery and return to the highest possible quality of life and work. The aim is to get the patient back into the family home and community, living life as normally as possible.

Comprehensive Pediatric Services

The hospital offers highly specialized expertise in pediatric surgery, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric hemtoncology, Nursery facilities including intensive care unit supported by ENT and audiology specialists, ophthalmologist and dermatologists. The team uses neuroimaging techniques as well as other tools in the assessment of babies, to identify any possible abnormalities and the prediction of possible future neurodevelopment problems.

Family Dental Clinic

Dentistry: Dentistry is a fast growing field where improvements to treatments and new services in field of dentistry are rapidly emerging. The Dental Specialist Clinics you can rest assured that the expertise needed is readily available with us. Family Dental Clinic is a state-of-the-art specialty . It is dedicated to Quality Orthodontics care and general dental treatment facilities– Creating Beautiful & Confident Smiles!
"Changing Smiles, Changing Lives"

The Neuroscience Center

The department of neuroscience at Family Hospital Lahore handles all cases of brain, spine and peripheral nerves. There is a close collaboration with neurology, orthopaedics and spinal departments. The neurosurgery is a specialty which deals with injuries, tumours, strokes, and infections in the regions of brain, spine and peripheral nerves.

Nephrology and Dialysis

The Dialysis Centre of Family Hospital offers a feel at home atmosphere . With modern health care standards of dialysis by highly trained medical staff :
•Comfortable equipped dialysis center.
•private rooms with TV for each dialysis patient is also available.
•Fresenius Dialysis Machine in corporating BVM,BTM,OCM.
•Online monitoring of fluid status.
•Dialysis Centre is working 24 hours providing best services.

Ear Nose Throat Center

At the ENT centre we have a multidisciplinary team of audiologists, speech language pathologists, and educators. We provide standard care to all in and out patients.
Facilities :
•All ENT surgeries.
•Mastoid Exploration.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The changing trend in general surgery has made patients life comfortable with least complications and hospital stay. We provide almost all minimally invasive surgeries by our excellent team of qualified surgeons . Our equipment and operation theatre is state of art :
• Smaller incisions resulting in reduced pain and discomfort
• Minimal scarring because of buttonhole incisions.
• Greater surgical precision
• Enhanced visualization of the surgical site
• Less trauma
• Fewer complications• Less blood loss and a decreased need for blood transfusions.
• Reduced risk of infection
• Shorter hospital stays
• Less need for pain medication
• Return to normal activities sooner

The Diabetes Center

"Health at minimum cost"
Our team not only provide treatment but awareness about disease and its complications. It is done inside hospital and also through free camping . Highly qualified team of endocrinologists provide internationally recommended Care to diabetes and its complications. We also provide facilities for other endocrine disorders.


Heart of every hospital is always best laboratory without standard laboratory every physician and surgeon is handicapped.
We have state of art laboratory providing all routine and specific investigations with in standard time.
The services provided include:
• Cellular Pathology (Anatomic Pathology / Cytopathology)
• Biochemistry
• Microbiology (Bacteriology / Mycobacteriology / Mycology / Parasitology)
• Hematology and Coagulation
• Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine
• Immunology
• Molecular Biology


We have state of art imaging technology with well qualified staff. The following diagnostic imaging services are provided:
• Ultrasound
• CT Scan
• Diagnostic and therapeutic musculoskeletal interventions
• General Radiology (X-ray)
• Fluoroscopic Studies – Gastrointestinal and Urogenital

Obstetrics & Gynecology Services

The Gynecology is a department in all aspects of women's health in gynecology including breast disease, infertility, contraception . Our doctors also have expertise in sub specialty areas such as gynecologic urology, infectious diseases. Our consultant gynecologists frequently address:
- Antenatal,SVD,s and cesarean section services
- Menstrual Disorders
- UV Prolapse
- Infertility Treatment
- Contraception

Emergency Department

Our Emergency doctors and paramedical staff provides prompt emergency medical care . Our emergency is well equipped providing 24 hour services including diagnostics clinical lab and radiology . Triage is done by expert medical staff and care given accordingly. Following services are available at emergency department :
- First aid care .
- Respiratory emergencies.
- Cardiac emergencies.
- Surgical emergencies.
- Gynecological and obstetric emergencies.
- Stroke and Neurological emergencies.

Intensive Care Unit

Critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the provision of life support or organ support systems to patients who are severely ill and require intensive monitoring. Critical care medicine specialists provide dedicated, continuous care to critically ill,  hospitalized patients. Our intensive care unit is providing comprehensive facilities by qualified Doctors and paramedical staff using advance modalities in shock and cardiopulmonary resuscitation .
• Respiratory failure
• Multisystem organ failure (including renal and hepatic)
• Sepsis
• Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
• Cardiac Failure
• Central nervous system crisis (Stroke)

Family Hospital is a complete general hospital. This is first ever planned and fully equipped private Hospital in Lahore. The Hospital was established during the year 1976 and situated in the center of the city. 

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